National and international network of excellent colleagues

Clerens Law Firm is grateful to be able to rely on an excellent national and international network of highly qualified and specialized colleagues, the combination of which allows us to efficiently answer any legal questions you may have, wherever they may arise.

Our network has developed over many years of activity and is composed of independent, small and medium-sized law firms all over the world, who specialise in both European and international business law. The experience of and connection with those colleagues is invaluable, as they cover all areas of civil and commercial law to enable us together to meet any legal needs of your international business.

Our colleagues are carefully selected to be fully versed in all aspects needed by international clients: they are experienced in understanding the differing approach of foreign clients to legal matters and are able to respond to their needs and questions, they often speak several languages and many have undergone their legal education in several countries and top-tier firms, before becoming more independent.

We look forward to working together with you and our professional connections within this global network.